executive endorsements


Kim is by far the best relationship-builder with whom I have ever worked. When she joined the team at Camera Ready Cosmetics, she quickly became an expert in the pro makeup industry and developed relationships that we were unable to create without her. Kim introduced new and fresh marketing ideas to Camera Ready Cosmetics, and is credited for increasing our revenue, while elevating our brand image. One of her best assets is her quick adaptability and ability to proactively maximize the needs of the business. Her enthusiastic attitude remains positive no matter the circumstance, and she is highly tenacious. Even under stressful situations, Kim lifts the spirits of those around her — and that's a skill I find extremely rare in any business. She is also great fun to work with!

- Mary Erickson, Founder, Camera Ready Cosmetics

Kim is one of those rare individuals who has a powerful combination of intelligence, experience, and energy. She is an adept problem solver and applies an analytical approach to thinking about and making optimal decisions. Her deep knowledge and base of experience in the beauty industry has her always on top of the latest consumer trends and brand positioning. And every day she brings enthusiasm and positivity to her work, turning tough tasks into pleasurable work and putting smiles on the faces of those around her. I highly respect and value her perspective.


I worked with Kim for two years during her time as Director of Merchandising for Camera Ready Cosmetics. Kim is a highly skilled, experienced merchant with a deep knowledge of the beauty industry. Her ability to merge both strategic and creative thinking is unparalleled. Kim executes events and campaigns so effortlessly, and her results speak for themselves. Kim is professional, driven and goal-oriented. Motivating and inspiring teams through challenging projects or tight deadlines comes naturally for her. She is an absolute joy to have as a colleague and friend. If you’ve got Kim in your corner, success is around every turn!

- Mallory Hatten, Former Marketing Director, Camera Ready Cosmetics

I was fortunate to work with Kim a number of times during my career at Neiman Marcus. She worked for me in both Lingerie and Beauty, where she was very knowledgeable on both the product, and the management of the business. Kim is a very talented merchant and always maintained a positive attitude, even in the most difficult situations. She was quick, efficient, attentive to detail, and was always looking for better ways to accomplish each undertaking. Kim was a strong team member and very professional at all times.

- Ann Cox, former VP/DMM, Neiman Marcus

It has been a pleasure and honor to work directly with Kim Henney during her tenure at Camera Ready Cosmetics. Under Kim’s personal direction the global sales of my brand greatly increased due to her untiring and well-executed efforts. Her professionalism, honesty and sincerity have been an inspiration and have served as a guiding light to my in-house sales staff who have learned so much from her. Kim is a highly skilled merchant with a pristine work ethic, and my door will always be open to her!

- Joe Blasco, CEO, Brand Founder & Pioneer of Makeup Artistry Technique/Education, Joe Blasco Cosmetics