Danmark is an asset to my business not just because he is whip smart, uber organized, and has outstanding communication skills - he also exudes kindness and warmth. But what makes him indispensable is his vast experience as a retail management expert with a deep understanding of the retail environment and what it takes to build solid business relationships. Danmark represents me and my brand with integrity and intelligence, and I have complete confidence in his ability to act as a liaison to both our retailer partners and our Brand Ambassador team. Danmark has filled a lot of the gaps I didn't even know my business had.

- jenny patinkin, Co-FoundeR


I've enjoyed working with Danmark these last few months. I appreciate how passionately he approaches his work and how he inspires others. I also appreciate how quickly he has been able to put together a field team for Biophile and has risen to the challenge of helping us forecast sales.



Danmark is a brilliant shining light of optimism and charm and hustle. He helped us launch Beboe Therapies and has been instrumental in opening doors and maintaining relationships across all of our retail partners. The care and energy he put into every event has eliminated any anxieties I ever had about things going the way we hoped. Everything just works out. Every time. From afar it looks like he's just lucky and everything magically works out for the best, but look closer and its obvious he meticulously plans everything in a way that is stress-free and seemingly effortless. He is a pleasure to be around, and everyone who knows him enjoys working with him, so as much as I would love to say that it is the strength and integrity of our brand that has gotten us favorable placement and treatment with our partners, Danmark is the secret weapon.

- Scott Campbell, Founder, Beboe Therapies & Beboe

I started working with Danmark, August of 2019 and was impressed immediately. I hired him to oversee Beboe Therapies’ education strategy for the launch at Neiman Marcus. He then went on to successfully launch with every additional retailer such as Nordstrom, Blue Mercury etc. From the start, he worked at a fast and furious pace to secure training for all the 20 doors, leveraging his relationships to elevate the brands’ presence anywhere he went. He continued to build partnerships with not only the leadership teams but also with the sales staff. His tenacity, creativity, and attention to detail were instrumental in driving brand awareness, client acquisition, associate engagement, and experiential collaboration. More than anything he cares and treats any brand he works with as if it is his own.

- Kiana Anvaripour, former GM, Beboe Therapies



Working with retail partners, we found out that our best sales happened when store training and sales support was strong. Such a program requires strong management, and an innate ability to connect with people, with an unparalleled taste for beauty products and understanding of a brand’s unique offering. Danmark is all of that….and more! With him on the team, we feel confident to keep on growing. Not only has Danmark made it possible to streamline our education operations, but he has also unlocked great opportunities.

- Kevin Maximilien Le Roux, Co-Founder, 27 Rosiers