"We feel fortunate to be working with Alex, who has become a formidable part of our team. Having joined KSJ Collective at the time of our brand launch, we were delighted to be collaborating with such respected industry veterans. Alex took us under her wing with infectious enthusiasm. She has proven to be a trusted and knowledgeable partner whose dedication is unwavering. She's smart, forthright, upbeat, positive and truly cares. Alex is simply a joy to work with!"

- Véronique, founder & CEO, candascent labs

"Working with Alex is a true pleasure. She is effective, precise, reliable, and enthusiastic. In a nutshell, Alex is sales-minded, partnership-focused and, while she may demand a lot from her clients, she gives back even more. Long live Alex."

- francesco urso, FOUNDER, wolf project

"Alex has been a key player in the success and growth of Lauren B. Beauty. She is a savvy powerhouse and not only is she a joy to work with, but she is knowledgable, well connected, and respected in the beauty industry. Alex understands what it takes to launch a brand and combines it with strategies to grow sales and get results for her brands. Alex goes above and beyond to communicate in a straightforward manner, and works diligently through anything. Having Alex as part of our team is invaluable, working with her, you truly feel that she is invested and in the trenches along side as a true partner!"


"I am truly grateful to have Alex in my corner! She brings not only her deep retail and industry knowledge, but a true passion for indie brands, the beauty industry, and people! Alex is extraordinarily dedicated to her clients, always making herself available for honest and constructive feedback paired with experience-backed insights that drive sales and strategic retail wins. She meets every task with sincere enthusiasm and a can-do attitude; simply put, she makes success happen with a smile on her face! Alex is a pleasure to work with, and I feel lucky to have such a dynamic, brilliant, and kind partner on my team. I look forward to many more years of success and partnership together!"

- claire ellis, FOUNDER, malibu apothecary


"I had the pleasure of working with KSJ's core team member, Alex Kouri, as I went through a massive rebrand. Alex was a delight to work with, she is exceptionally talented and has an eye for what makes an indie brand stand out in the marketplace. Together we created the She Plants Love go to market strategy and retail deck. Alex has a way to connect with brand founders on a personal level. It was a joy working with her and I would do it again!"



"Alex quickly became a key part of the Vella team. She is tenacious, diligent and thorough. She keeps us all better organized. Plus, she's a delight with which to work. She is as hardworking as she is warm and funny. We all feel lucky to have her on our team and to get to work with her each day."