executive endorsements

Danmark is one of the best leaders I worked with at Neiman Marcus. He is thoughtful, strategic, and has strong relationships with the store community. His business strategies and associate development plans were always spot on and relevant to getting results from his team through collaboration, communication, and education. He set the bar high and always delivered. Later in our careers we had the opportunity to work together again when he was working for a brand. Once again, he led effective event and business strategy meetings. His patient and engaging demeanor enables him to engage associates to support the brand he is working with. His ability to connect with people is a true gift and so necessary to have success in today’s environment.

- Richard Samuelson, former VP/DOs, Neiman Marcus

I had the honor to work with Danmark Bantay for several years at Neiman Marcus, then again as colleagues when I became a Director for Tom Ford Beauty. As a Department Manager, Danmark had a keen eye for talent, events and merchandising. In addition, he was always on the selling floor with the customer to gain a better understanding of changing needs, making him a highly respected leader. Danmark has worked on the retailer and vendor side, giving him a full-bodied

understanding of retail, especially in beauty. As a vendor partner, Danmark was incredibly supportive and open to innovative “out of the box” ideas to help drive the business. Danmark is a collaborative partner who will always have an ear to listen, and vision to deliver results.

- Vanessa Derr, former beauty selling manager, NEIMAN MARCUS

Danmark has always been a pioneer of taking care of the customer and growing your business through relationship selling. That’s what has always made a difference! He’s been a great partner in growing our mutual business through events and education. Thank you for the terrific partnership!

- Jackie Kolla, Director-Beauty, Nordstrom


I’ve known Danmark for over 10 years, and it has been incredible watching him grow from his time with Nordstrom and onto his succeeding roles. Danmark has a passion for product and people, which is extremely evident in his partnerships. I appreciate his willingness to be open to new ideas, strategies and initiatives. Danmark is a natural leader and educator in the Beauty Arena.

- Joelle Russo, Beauty Editor-West Coast, Nordstrom

Danmark has been a trusted colleague and friend for over 15 years. He has a solid reputation for being dependable, reliable and efficient in every way. Danmark gives so much of his attention to every detail in his work. His eagerness to drive and produce results is truly remarkable. He has excellent leadership qualities and is very well liked and respected amongst both company executives and sales teams. Throughout the years, Danmark has always been my beauty go-to person… my “Beauty Guru”! I trust him in every way and know through his knowledge, expertise and guidance, he would never steer me wrong.

- Zack Aurelio, General Manager-Palo Alto, Nordstrom

I have worked with Danmark over the past 15 years and his ability to inspire, motivate, and educate a team is second to none! He’s a master at special events - clients always look forward to seeing him and know that they will leave with the most personalized recommendations and have a blast!

- Shannon Blunden Nicols, Regional Beauty Merchandise Manager, Nordstrom

I worked with Danmark at the Nordstrom Pleasanton store where he managed a Beauty Department with 50 employees. Danmark’s team thrived under his leadership and consistently rose to meet and exceed his expectations for both sales and customer service. His ability to form meaningful relationships and deliver an above expected return on investment allowed his store to be selected for incremental vendor support and events which drove top sales. Danmark has a clear vision for identifying trends and quality within brands for growth. He values what is good in this world and strives to make everything he touches better. He is the type of person you want on your team

- Andrea Nakagaki, Former General Manager, Nordstrom-Pleasanton