“Kelly is a powerhouse. Her wealth of knowledge, attention to detail, and passion for beauty creates ACTUAL results. She is a true ally and extension of our team that will go the extra mile no matter what!”

- Kiana Anvaripour, General Manager, Beboe Therapies

“Kelly St. John has been instrumental in my expansion into retail and helping me navigate both new and existing retail relationships. As a new brand, I had so much to learn about the retail space, and her wealth of knowledge has been critical to my continued growth. She has so many relationships in the beauty industry and is respected by all. She takes the time to plan and strategize both minor and major business decisions with me, and as a small, lean business, she’s become the other half of my brain. She diplomatically and effortlessly puts out every fire that arises and is a breath of fresh air in life as an entrepreneur. The amount of knowledge Kelly has in this industry can’t be quantified, and to have someone with this level of experience and expertise as an extension of my team is a Godsend!”

- Dana Jackson, Founder & CEO, Beneath Your Mask

“Kelly St. John is unlike any brand partner I have ever worked with. We started working together on a small scope of work, but regardless of size, she supported the company like it was her own. Now that we have expanded her scope in the company, I couldn't be happier. She has unbelievable connections and access; she continues to be incredibly responsive, and she tackles our needs both small and large with rigor and poise.”

- Grace Fooden, Founder, biophile

“We approached Kelly when we were ready to grow from primarily spa distribution into retail. She helped in all areas of the business including branding, messaging, repackaging, and business development. I can't overstate her contribution to our transition. In less than one year she played a significant role in the transformation of our business. She orchestrated our roll out with a national, luxury channel and is negotiating our placement into additional channels ...and she is a joy to work with.”

- Maya Crothers, Founder & CEO, Circcell Skincare

“It’s hard not to see how talented Kelly St. John is when it comes to beauty. I am thankful she was willing to work with our new men's line, FLY. She can snap a finger and land a meeting with a large retailer, and helps with every part of the pitch. I am thankful I have her ear when all our brand dilemmas arise. She’s a huge asset!”

- Ted Hoffman, Founder & CEO, FLY

“Shortly after we welcomed Kelly to the Honua 'Ohana, she felt like an extension of our team. She fit in so well and complimented our strengths while helping to fill in the gaps. She has secured a few key retail presentation meetings and has helped us to strategize ways to achieve sustainable growth with our current retail partners. She is easy to communicate with and very responsive. Looking forward to a successful future with Kelly by our side!”

- Kapua Browning, Founder & Formulator, Honua Skincare

“Working with Kelly has been the booster rocket my business needed. Her extensive industry insights, savvy, and network have presented opportunities I was unable to procure, and others I didn’t even know existed. Her manner is warm and diplomatic, yet focused and strategic, and she is the consummate professional right down to her excellent communication skills. I am grateful to have Kelly’s support and guidance as I continue to build my brand.”

- Jenny Patinkin, Founder, Jenny Patinkin

“Kelly St. John has been the best cheerleader (outside of myself) for Joséphine Cosmetics. She brings so much value and a level of expertise in the retail field that is unmatched. I truly feel confident and comfortable knowing that she is in the market, championing for my brand. Kelly has provided me with much needed feedback to improve key areas of my brand including, marketing best-practices as well as product feedback to ensure that I am presenting Joséphine to the world in the most cohesive and chic way possible. She is a hardworking and effective superwoman who gets the job done. Working with her has brought more attention to my brand by top tier buyers, and she continues to forge positive relationships that fit the scope of my brand. I am truly lucky to have Kelly St. John working with me by my side, and I look forward to having many wins stemming from her dedication and hard work.”

- Sholayide Villegoureix, Chief Glam Officer, Joséphine Cosmetics

“I have had the great fortune to work with Kelly St. John. She is not your garden-variety brand partner. She cares, with passion and with heart. I have worked with many consultants in my day, and I can say with assurance that she is among the very best. Smart, incisive, generosity of spirit, knowledgeable with exceptional instincts and connections to make it happen. And did I say that she cares? I have felt from Day 1 we were more than a number; we have felt her heartfelt investment in our brand, and our future. And I, for one, count ourselves most fortunate that she is a part of our future.”

- Susanne Norwitz, Creator, Maya Chia

“If there were a word I would use to describe Kelly St. John, it would be 'authentic.' She is authentic in her communications, in her beliefs, in her business relationships. A brand champion, Kelly is passionate about growing businesses to be the best they can be. She has an uncanny ability to see the end picture or goal, and a completely genuine ability to help others see it. She has been a true partner to Mila Moursi and has been instrumental in helping me define new paths for success. She operates with good intentions, enthusiasm, passion, positive energy, and always with kindness and integrity.”

- Mila Moursi, Founder, Mila Moursi Skincare

“Kelly is a dynamic, energetic, and highly effective professional who is an absolute delight to work with. She has been an invaluable asset to our team for nearly two years now. Kelly has helped us refine our strategy and be sure we are putting our best foot forward when we have an opportunity to meet with a potential, new wholesale account. Because Kelly only works with brands she loves and believes in, when she opens doors to her vast professional connections she has made over her long, impressive career, she maintains credibility, and her partners trust she is not abusing the relationship or wasting their time. I am grateful to have Kelly’s time and trust- she is a tremendous partner.”

- Alissa Bayer, Founder & Owner, milk + honey spa

“Kelly is a veteran in the retail industry, and in this rapidly changing environment, it is almost impossible to navigate without an expert on your team. She has strong relationships with many of the top retailers, both mainstays and emerging green beauty stores. I believe Kelly’s true point of differentiation is in her mindful approach to retail expansion. She looks at your brand, provides tangible feedback in social media, your website, and marketing message to determine the best path forward. Once she has helped you secure a retail contract, Kelly gracefully works between you, the corporate buyers, and even the sales team on the floor to support your brand. She knows what it takes to be successful in retail and has been a huge asset to Ranavat!”

- Michelle Ranavat, Founder & CEO, Ranavat Botanics

“I had the great fortune of meeting Kelly, and in less than two months, I felt like I had known her forever. She is the consummate professional, with an engaging personality and a drive to make a difference with the brands and the people she works with. Kelly brings confidence, resources, and amazing talent to help build emerging brands through this ever-changing retail landscape. Kelly is a tremendous asset, and we are so pleased to be working with her.”

- Jennifer M. Hessel, President & CEO, Serucell

“Kelly was highly recommended to me by another beauty brand founder. Since we started working together, she was able to utilize her expertise to provide spot on feedback and hands-on approach in helping us develop the right plan and positioning that makes the most sense for the brand while also aligning it to partner’s needs. Her insights and guidance have been invaluable. She is very quick to understand your products and your brand, as well as the importance of quality over quantity and developing a strategy that matches you with the type of partner that makes the most sense for your brand in the long run. She rolls-up her sleeves and thinks out of the box to look at opportunities I had not previously considered. She is not only extremely knowledgeable, professional and extremely well-respected and well-connected, but also a pleasure to work with.”

- Valeria Cole, Founder, Teadora

“Having worked with Kelly when she led beauty at Neiman Marcus, we knew her retail savvy and understanding of beauty would be a huge asset. In our new relationship as part of her collective, we have an appreciation of how her years of helping to launch and develop brands in the beauty space has given her deep insights into what elements of a brand and story truly connect with the customer. She knows how to develop and streamline a brand to go beyond a transaction, but to truly connect and inspire. It is no wonder that she has the respect of not only brand founders and owners, but the broader retail community and investors looking for the right growth opportunities. She partners with brands that have a true point of difference and provides insights and resources to help them realize their best potential.”

- Cecil Booth & Rebecca Booth M.D., Founders, VENeffect

“From the day I met Kelly, I knew that I was working with someone who understood the big beauty retailers like the back of her hand while also having her finger on the pulse of the indie beauty landscape. Meeting her has been a dream come true. As an indie brand, we were originally a bit lost navigating the retail world but knew it was an absolute must to have a great strategy in place. Kelly has been able to help us create a strategy that is right for us and most importantly she has given us the confidence to implement that strategy.”

- Christina Kelmon, President & Co-Founder, Belle en Argent

“Kelly is pretty amazing. Not only is she a joy to work with, but she is beyond knowledgeable, connected, and well respected in the beauty industry. Kelly is thoughtful in her plan and execution and delivers results for her clients. Kelly’s professionalism and attention to detail are impeccable, and any brand or brand founder - large or small - would be lucky to work with Kelly.”

- Lauren Berkovitz, CEO, Lauren B. Beauty

“Before I met Kelly, I had been approaching retailers personally. I had the relationships that connected me directly, and I thought that I didn’t need help accessing retail decision makers. While this was true, what I lacked insight to understand what a retailer really needed from me. The conversations were all good, but the response was always ‘not now, let’s keep in touch.’ After one of our first conversations, Kelly helped me understand why I kept getting that response, and together we quickly made a plan to expand our assortment and get ready for retail. She has been generous with her advice, and considerate with regard to our start-up budget. I feel that I can collaborate in a natural manner with her, and she has my back if anything were to come up.”

- Jennifer White, Founder, One Over One

"Kelly St. John is an experienced retailing and marketing exec with strong strategic skills. It was a pleasure to work with her on an important initiative in the prestige beauty market, where her advice and strategic input led to a huge and tangibly better outcome than I had expected."

- Jeanne Chavez, Co-Founder, Hard Candy, Smith & Cult

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