about the collective


KSJ Collective is a woman-owned, women-led Strategic Growth Consultancy for the beauty industry, specializing in the indie, prestige and luxury segments. Our Collective is comprised of promising brands, digitally innovative beauty-centric companies, seasoned and qualified investors, and over 400 retailers, including national, regional and specialty department stores, clean beauty boutiques, concept stores, spas, and innovative new retail marketplaces. Our mission is to bring the right products to the right people and successfully develop, sell and grow the brands that define the beauty industry.





Led by beauty veteran and visionary, Kelly St. John, the team at KSJ Collective brings decades of deep industry knowledge, executive experience and, perhaps most importantly, the lessons learned from successfully launching beauty brands in the prestige and luxury markets. With combined experience spanning nearly every sector in the beauty industry, we are more than mere beauty professionals; we are passionate brand builders who possess a nuanced understanding of the ever-changing beauty landscape.




All businesses are based on relationships, but to build an enduring brand, it’s not just about who you know, it’s about how you grow. With a tight and growing network of well-respected retailers, investors, and brand partners, we act as a strategic liaison, carefully assess the immediate needs and long term goals held by all stakeholders, and craft master plans to ensure mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships that are rooted in values and vision.




Best known for executing smart and scalable market and distribution strategies, driving sales and fostering strong relationships along the way, we lead brands through the complexities of growth planning to drive top performance in both product and people. With equal parts intuition and industry insight, we help brands reduce risk and amplify opportunities by incorporating trends, techniques and technologies that increase consumer awareness, market share and sales, while maintaining the unique DNA of the brand. We deftly adapt to the evolving market with foresight and focus, guiding brands and their partners on the clearest path to success.